We in MaJN have been keeping busy.

In the spring we celebrated our 20th anniversary as an a cappella group at the University of Chicago with a casual outdoor concert under the Classics archway – something we like to call an “arch sing” – followed by a picnic.

We sang a fun list of songs including group favorites like the dramatic gospel song “Jerico” and the rhythmic, layered tune we all love to sing: “Sweet Spirit”. We were fortunate to also have songs arranged by some of our new members to perform: “Firework” and “Ordinary People” arranged by Crystal and “Breathe Me” by Yvette! As always, we closed the show with “The Lord Bless and Keep You,” and were happy to have a former music director, Omar Casto, step up from the audience to join us. The acoustics were awesome, our audience was fun, and the sun was out. After the show, the audience and MaJN relaxed on blankets in the grass with delicious sandwiches from the Medici. It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

From left to right: Vaidehi, Connie, Evangeline, Hannah, Justin, Johannes, Yvette, Crystal, Aerik
Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 5.13.45 PMScreen Shot 2014-06-01 at 5.07.55 PM
Left: It was a beautiful spot to perform. Right: Yvette sings the solo of “Breathe Me,” which she arranged.

It was our last time with our graduating fourth years, though. We will dearly miss Aeirk, Connie, and Vaidehi who have contributed so much to the group in their time at U of C. They like many before them, have entered the ranks of MaJN alumni.

photo-21                Left to right: Vaidehi, Connie, and Aerik performing their senior song

Earlier this spring we started looking ahead to next year with bright eyes. We elected our new officers – the ever-enthusiastic Crystal Wren will be taking the lead as our Music Director – and are already excited about another successful year of rehearsals, adventures, and performances. That will get off to a great start first week of fall quarter with our performance at the a cappella showcase and the auditions that follow. We would love to see anyone who is interested in the group come out for auditions. More details will follow about the process.

I am continuing the work the fabulously talented and dedicated previous webmaster, Connie, did by “moving MaJN into the 21st century,” as she puts it. You can look forward to more videos, pictures, and updates coming to this website – so if you are not already, add your email to our list on the right – but also be sure to keep up with us by liking our Facebook page.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

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