Auditions are Soon!

If you are interested in joining a group of people who love to sing and have a blast making music together, this is your chance to audition for UChicago’s Make a Joyful Noise!

Come out, meet us, and get more information at the RSO Open House tomorrow from 11- 12 a.m. in Hutch Courtyard. Then come hear us sing at the A Cappella Showcase on Monday night of first week, when we will be performing along side the other a cappella groups on campus in Hutchinson Commons, a beautiful space in Reynold’s Club. You can sign up for auditions after the show or by email: Auditions will be first week on Tuesday and Wednesday, with call backs as needed on Thursday or Friday. We are particularly interested in hearing male vocalists but are looking for women, as well.

What can you can expect from us as a group?
You will find a relaxed dynamic of teamwork, humor, and support within a diverse group of people who love music. We are also the only Christian a cappella group on campus. We sing both secular and religious music and are welcoming of people of all denominations and levels of practice. We rehearse about four hours a week and typically perform at the end of each quarter, with fall quarter culminating in our annual Christmas concert. We also participate in smaller or less formal performances and showcases throughout the year.

What can you expect from auditions?
We recommend that you warm up before the audition, but we will walk you through some vocal warm ups before asking you to do some pitch matching and a small sight reading test, though don’t worry too much about that. Finally, we want to hear what you’ve got. We ask that you prepare roughly a chorus and verse of a song that you think showcases your ability. We promise we will be nice and maybe even funny.

We are excited to talk to you and hear your beautiful voices audition!

Learn more about MaJN here:

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