Make A Joyful Noise (MaJ’N) is a co-ed a cappella music ministry group at the University of Chicago dedicated to spreading God’s message of joy through music. Our group started back in 1993, and we’re still going strong. We currently have nine members in our group, and we’re always looking to grow even more as a group.

We sing a mix of hymns, contemporary Christian music, and uplifting secular hits and ballads and try to have a concert every quarter. We are especially fond of our annual Christmas concert, bursting with both traditional and modern songs and lots of holiday spirit. In addition, we have performed at charity events, churches, a cappella showcases, and sometimes we even accost our fellow students with song under the archways on campus.

Here’s a look at how far we’ve come over the years:

 Pictured from left to right: Sol Lee, Susie Bae, Roxanna Chen, Jeanna Haw, Esther Lim, and Audrey Lin. On the couch from left to right are Justin Chen, Paul Lee, Glenn Chen, and Mike Lee. On the floor from left to right are Brian Masselink, Denny Kim, and the big blue guy. (Not pictured are Samantha Chau, Yong Lee, Jae Chang, and Honza Prchal.) Esther Lim and Denny Kim were the two people to whom God gave the insight and strength to      start MaJ’N.

Here is a picture of MaJ’N in its fourth year (1996-1997). This was the first group without any of the original members, showing that this group had the potential to survive throughout the years. Look at those classy 90’s outfits! Those were the days.



Ah, the digital age. This is MaJ’N in its seventeenth year in a room in Goodspeed . Pictured here are Bayardo Lacayo, Tengren Zhang, Julia Ramirez, Omar Castro, Nyameche Quansah, Matthew Dirks. Front: Ketty Lie, Sibei Mi, Sonequa Hutchison, Jean Zhu, Hannah Koch, and Moriah Grooms.

Here’s MaJ’N during our 2012 Spring concert in the Performance Penthouse of the brand new Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts. It was pretty awesome that we got to perform with such an awesome view of the city below us. Pictured here from left to right: Omar Castro, Matthew Dirks, Andrew Villadsen, Bayardo Lacayo, Aerik Francis, Nyameche Quansah, Connie Prater, Vaidehi Joshi, and Hannah Koch.


Here’s MaJ’N singing at our 2014 Spring concert and celebrating the completion of our 20th year as a group! Pictured from left to right: Vaidehi Joshi, Connie Prater, Evangeline Reid, Hannah Kelly, Justin Riggs, Johannes Kronenburg, Yvette McGivern, Crystal Wren, and Aerik Francis.


And this is MaJ’N today, singing at our 2015 Winter concert!  We’ve come a long way, but we aren’t finished yet.  Maybe we’re just getting started!  Pictured from left to right: Lindsey Sasson, Shantal Jayawickreme, Caitlin Wong, Justin Riggs, Cy Abbot, John Hickernell, Yvonne Arguello, Autumn Bolling, and our music director, Ire Olagbami!

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